What Not to Place in Storage Units

Self Storage Units are handy for many things. In fact, they are a great place to put things of value when they are taking up space in your living area. Self Storage Facilities in Brooklyn sometimes even have places to store automobiles, recreational vehicles, and boats. Since storage facilities come in all sizes and types, there are limitations on what can be stored in certain units. For example, unless a facility specifically claims to allow storage for boats, then one should not be stored there. There are all kinds of things that are not recommended to be stored at Self Storage Units in Brooklyn.


Food is a big problem to have in storage units. It does not matter if the unit is an indoor unit or outdoor unit. Any types of food can attract ants, mice, or any other type of pest. In addition, the temperature in storage units is not an ideal temperature for storing any types of food. Moist and dark areas are breeding zones for mold. Many people do store holiday decor in storage units and this may include Christmas china and other holiday plates or platters. It is important to make sure these are cleaned thoroughly and there is no food left on them prior to placing them in storage.


Plants are not an item that is generally seen in a storage facility. This is because plants need sunlight and watering to grow. They are living things. Storage units are dark and this could cause a plant to die or go dormant. It is also hard to regulate the temperature in a storage unit so if a plant requires a certain type of climate, it would suffer.


Animals are also living things that require daily food and water. They need certain temperatures to thrive. There is not any ventilation in storage units which animals need as well. An animal should be kept in a well lit and ventilated area and should have a place to excrete their waste. To keep an animal in a storage unit is cruel and inhumane.

Combustible or Flammable Items

Combustible and flammable items are dangerous to put in a storage unit. If a fire were to start, this could cause the fire to spread unnecessarily. These are items such as gasoline, yard fertilizer, paint, propane tanks, or anything else known to cause an explosion.

When renting Storage Units in Brooklyn, there is paperwork the renter will need to complete. In the paperwork, things that should and should not be stored in the unit are outlined. There are also other rules that are outlined and prior to renting, a person must sign off in agreement to follow them.